Learn Hindi™ App Reviews

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Nice one

Very complete


Makes learning fun and quite easy


Very good app so many words for free it is great!!

Needs improvement

It crashes every five minutes

Very good!

Ive learn a lot!

Acha Hai!

Great refresher course! I learned very basic Hindi in India 3 years ago and this app revived and built upon my knowledge!

Great app

I tried many apps to learn hindi. This one is one of my favourits. Its really good made. I have fun with it!

Best Hindi App

Very easy to use

Bohot ache

Good tools to learn!!

One of the best language learning apps Ive stumbled upon. Lots of ways to learn the new vocab and practice reading the new script. Quick feedback and repetition. Yeah!


Really good app. After a certain number of flash cards, the app hangs. Please look into that. Thank you

Wonderful app

I was using the app to learn hindi, practice really helps.


This is a great app for learning and polishing your Hindi. I have learnt so much out of this app. Please keep adding more words. One day you may be able to charge for the app.

Useful app

Good for learning the basic vocabulary needed to begin a new language


Nope. Its keeps crashing and its really annoying

Best hindi app

All you could want in a basic hindi learning app

Good so far!

The only thing that would be more helpful is a romanized version of the words.

Good app, wish it didnt crash when I use it.

The first time I used this app it worked well. The following times, it crashes when I use it. I wish it would let me access the learning section now.

Very good app

This is a great app for practicing Hindi character recognition and getting instant feedback. For a free app with no ads its excellent. If a pro version with even more words follows I would buy it!

Easy learning

This Hindi app is very easy to use. I can already talk to my Hindu friends after using this app for 3 months!!! My accent is getting better too!

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